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Power use escalates as weather warms [Video]

Spring has hit hard with unusually warm weather, and the summer promises to continue this trend. As the days become hotter, power use will escalate in an attempt to keep personnel and machines cool. During the summer, cooling can account for 50 percent of a business’s


What makes planned outages different [Video]

Not all outages are caused by disasters. Some providers must have planned downtime to make improvements and do other work. Planned outages are significantly different from other incidents in a few key ways. If an outage is planned, an organization can inform its customers and take


Cross these threats off your power audit checklist

Organizations have a number of issues lurking within their power infrastructure. To make sure that energy is being used efficiently, many businesses conduct a power audit. When assessing your facility, be sure to cross these major threats off of your power audit checklist: 1. Equipment is left


How to overcome unexpected downtime [Video]

Unexpected downtime is a business’s worst nightmare. It costs a lot to recover and can damage an organization’s reputation. Thankfully, there are a few easy steps to help you overcome unexpected downtime. First, you’ll want to run proactive maintenance for your critical systems. Up to 70


How to prepare for a business power outage

Power outages are unique in the fact that they can show signs before they occur, or they can happen spontaneously. Either way, organizations must be prepared for their power to go down when they need it most. Here are a few tips to get ready in