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Power Outages Happen – Be Prepared.

With the recent power outage at the Hartsfield - Jackson Airport in Atlanta, attention has turned to the turmoil caused by downtime due to power outages. Every hour of downtime you experience is money you are losing. While power outages cannot always be prevented, you

What to Know When Asking About a New UPS System

When it comes to UPS systems, people are generally split into two categories; you either know everything there is to know about them or you are completely in the dark. We often get asked what information we will need when someone is contacting us for a

How to Determine What Size UPS System You Need!

Are you trying to figure out how to determine what size UPS system you need to protect your equipment? Making sure you have the right size UPS is key to protecting your equipment; If the system has insufficient capacity to support your equipment, you may not

Batteries Overheat. Are You Prepared?

So you have taken the necessary steps to protect your equipment by installing a UPS system, but have you given thought to the batteries the backup equipment runs on? DID YOU KNOW? A room temperature of as low as 75 degrees F can contribute to battery temperature