Month: May 2017

Top unusual causes of outages

Outages don’t often happen as isolated incidents – they typically come as a result of other situations like severe weather and physical damage. Organizations must prepare for the unexpected and ensure their systems can withstand outages no matter the cause. Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual causes of outages: 1. Squirrels […]

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Power use escalates as weather warms [Video]

Spring has hit hard with unusually warm weather, and the summer promises to continue this trend. As the days become hotter, power use will escalate in an attempt to keep personnel and machines cool. During the summer, cooling can account for 50 percent of a business’s electricity bill. Peak weather conditions have pushed peak usage […]

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What makes planned outages different [Video]

Not all outages are caused by disasters. Some providers must have planned downtime to make improvements and do other work. Planned outages are significantly different from other incidents in a few key ways. If an outage is planned, an organization can inform its customers and take action to offset this downtime. Perhaps services will be […]

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